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Present the Just So Stories

By Rudyard Kipling

Elsie Kipling is staying with her aunt when she receives a package from South Africa. In the package is a book containing a number of Elsie's favorite stories written by her father who is traveling in "far away lands." The tales include such delightful stories as...

  • "How the Camel Got His Hump,"
  • "How the Kangaroo Learned to Jump,"
  • "How the Armadillo Came to Be," and
  • "How the Elephant Got His Trunk."

Elsie decides it would be fun to act them out with the help of friends who are visiting.

The children, using only their imaginations and household items, transform themselves into all sorts of animals and exotic characters such as the Djinn and the Parsee as they perform the stories. They learn a great deal about different lands and creatures but are surprised to find out that Elsie does not want them to perform one of the stories. In helping her to reveal why, everyone learns about the need for friends to help you through difficult times.

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